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Petroleum Geology of Mangyshlak and Adjacent Regions, Western Kazakhstan

Petroleum Geology of Mangyshlak and Adjacent Regions, Western Kazakhstan

This study by Blackbourn Geoconsulting features an extensive analytical programme covering biostratigraphy, geochemistry, sedimentology and petrography.

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The Mangyshlak region is a major hydrocarbon province in Western Kazakhstan. It includes the South Mangyshlak Trough, the Buzachi Arch and the North Ustyurt Trough. The study area also includes the less well-explored Ustyurt plateau to the east. The chief reservoirs lie within the Mesozoic clastic succession. The main source rocks have variously been considered to be of Palaeozoic or Mesozoic age.

Complete sections of the hydrocarbon-bearing rocks of the Mangyshlak region outcrop in the Karatau and Aktau mountains of the Mangyshlak Peninsula. Field teams from Britain, America and Kazakhstan carried out a thorough new study of several of these sections.

Emphasis was placed on the economically important Jurassic but the study included rocks ranging from Permian to Late Miocene, all of which are excellently exposed.

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