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Caspian Palaeogeographic Atlas

Caspian Palaeogeographic Atlas

This palaeogeographic atlas covers a wide area from Eastern Georgia in the west, to the Aral Sea in the east, and from Volgograd in the north, to Northern Iran in the south.

Utilising information from published, unpublished, academic and industrial sources in both the English and Russian languages, along with the results of new research and fieldwork undertaken by Blackbourn Geoconsulting, this atlas enables the overall geology of the Caspian region to be understood far more clearly than before.

The maps have been compiled as large-format 1:1,000,000 sheets (northern and southern regions) in order to ensure that the large amount of information on the following can be displayed clearly:

  • Depositional environments
  • Tectonic structure
  • Known and prospective reservoirs
  • Source and seal horizons
  • Locations of oil and gas fields reservoired within each of the time slices

The atlas is also supplied on CD-Rom (pdf and ArcGIS shapefiles) to enable companies to print copies for internal distribution at their own preferred scale and format.

A detailed explanatory text volume, including further maps, sections, palinspastic cartoons, and a comprehensive reference list accompanies the atlas.

For further details, please contact Dr Graham Blackbourn.

Middle Pliocene Balakhany Suite/Upper Red Series (North & South sheets combined)

Middle Pliocene Balakhany Suite/Upper Red Series (North & South sheets combined)

Files available to download and/or print:

List of Contents (pdf 40 kB)Caspian Palaeoatlas Flier (pdf 136 kB)