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Hydrocarbon Geology of the North Caucasus Area

Hydrocarbon Geology of the North Caucasus Area

Created in association with Collinson Jones Consulting

The North Caucasus region is one of the oldest hydrocarbon-producing areas of the Former Soviet Union, production having begun in the Krasnodar region in 1865. Today oil and gas are produced from a wide variety of horizons.

Despite this however, considerable exploration potential remains as the local oil and gas industry lacks specific technology or equipment. This is particularly the case with deeper targets and stratigraphic traps. There are also a number of undeveloped fields for which joint ventures with western partners are being sought. The area has good infrastructure and is adjacent to the Black Sea with its deep-water port facilities.

The report covers the administrative areas of Rostov, Krasnodar, Stavropol, the semi-autonomous republics of Dagestan and Chechniya and adjacent areas. It is based on extensive Russian data obtained during visits to the area and following discussions with personnel from a variety of geological organisations, oil and gas companies and universities. Information is included from Blackbourn Geoconsulting's field database of the study area.

This report was produced in 1992, and although some introductory sections have been superseded, it remains a thorough review of the petroleum geology of the region. It is available now at a cost of US $9,000. For further details, please contact Dr Graham Blackbourn.

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