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Oil & Gas Fields of the Former Soviet Union Database

The Former Soviet Union Oilfield Database is a geological database, containing information on the nature, age, depth, geological and petrophysical properties of the reservoirs. Now including data on petroleum sources and sealing horizons

Download a Free Demonstration Version (2.94MB)
Requires Microsoft Access 2000 or later

Data on production, reserves, economic indicators and other parameters are included for many fields. Details on separate accumulations within the fields are also included.

For clients using ArcGIS, our new ArcMap™ Oilfield mapallows instant access to the database from georeferenced fields.

Well data stored in an ODM3™ (Version 3.5 or later) database can be accessed directly from the field database via a link.

Based on data published in Russian and English, and supplemented by scout data from various sources, the information contained in the database is subject to constant review and updating, with coverage being increased all the time.

This database can be purchased either as individual databases on different hydrocarbon provinces or as a complete database encompassing the entire Former Soviet Union:

Database Includes
South Caspian Province
148 fields
517 accumulations
Eastern Georgia
South Caspian Basin
Western Turkmenistan
North Caucasus Province
373 fields
623 accumulations
Black Sea to the Caspian Sea
North to the Rostov oblast
East to the Precaspian Basin
Precaspian Basin
188 fields
541 accumulations
Russian sector
Kazakhstan sector
Mangyhslak & Ustyurt
93 fields
292 accumulations
Buzachi Arch
North Ustyurt Trough
South Mangyshlak Trough
Uzen Step
Amu Dar'ya Basin
206 fields
403 accumulations
Central & Eastern Turkmenistan
Southwest Uzbekistan
West Siberian Basin
876 fields
1107 accumulations
Russian Far East
116 fields
400 accumulations
Entire Russian Area to the
East of the Verkhoyan Ridge
Complete Database
4314 fields
7873 accumulations
All of above plus
Rest of Kazakhstan
Eastern Siberia
Black Sea

For further details, including costs, please contact Dr Graham Blackbourn.

Oil & gas field database interface using ArcMap™

Oil & gas field database interface using ArcMap™

Files available to download and/or print:

Download a Free Demonstration Version (zip 3,013 kB)Oilfield Database Flier (pdf 73 kB)