Blackbourn Geological Services
Training Courses

Training Courses

Blackbourn Geoconsulting presents master classes/workshops for professional geologists and other specialists working in the oil and gas industry. These courses can be presented on a range of subjects, including sedimentology, petrography and diagenetics, and they emphasise how these relate to reservoir geometry and quality.

The master classes are designed to update the experienced professional in the latest advances and techniques in the chosen subject. Emphasis is placed on tailoring course content to the requirements of the client. Topics offered include:

  • Cores and Core Logging [3 days]
  • Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution in Clastic Hydrocarbon Reservoirs [5 days]
  • Subsurface Facies Analysis of Clastic Sequences from Cores and Geophysical Data [5 or 10 days]
  • Reservoir Geometry of Clastic Depositional Systems; Diagenesis, Prediction and Modelling [5 days]
  • Exploration for Sandstone Reservoirs: Depositional Systems and Basin Analysis [5 days]
  • Sedimentology of Selected Depositional Environments

For further information about any of our courses please contact Dr Graham Blackbourn.