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Petroleum Geology of the Amu Dar'ya Basin & Adjacent Regions of Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan

A new study on the petroleum geology and hydrocarbon resources of the Amu Dar'ya Basin and adjacent areas of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Based primarily on extensive information in the Russian-language literature, this study describes the geological development, palaeogeography and stratigraphy of the area. It provides detailed information on known fields, non-commercial hydrocarbon occurrences and the presence of source rocks, reservoirs and seals.

The report includes many colour illustrations and large-format enclosures together with relevant information on oil and gas fields from Blackbourn Geoconsulting's FSU database. All maps are georeferenced and are available in ArcGIS format.

The area of study includes:

  • Central Karakum Arch
  • Pre-Kopetdag Trough
  • Bakhardok Homocline
  • Amu-Dar'ya Basin
  • Chardzhou & Bukhara Steps
  • Murgab Basin
  • Southeast Turkmenistan Basins (including Shatlyk Arch, South Tedzhen Downwarp and the Badkhyz-Kharabil region)

The report is available now at a cost of US $20,000.

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For further details, please contact Dr Graham Blackbourn.

Files available to download and/or print:

Amu Dar'ya Report Flier (pdf 175 kB)List of Contents, Figures & Enclosures (pdf 60 kB)Location & Structure Map (Enclosure 2) (pdf 1,810 kB)