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Hydrocarbon Province Maps

Hydrocarbon Province Maps

Blackbourn Geoconsulting's Former Soviet Union Database is illustrated with Hydrocarbon Province Maps, showing the distribution of hydrocarbon fields, other prospective structures and major tectonic features of each region.

High resolution, georeferenced versions of these maps are available in ArcGIS format. Please contact us for details.

Files available to download and/or print:

Amu Dar'ya (pdf 2,116 kB)Baltic (pdf 131 kB)Bashkortostan (pdf 768 kB)Black Sea, Northern (New) (pdf 1,536 kB)Central Asia (Chu Sarysu & Turgai Basin) (pdf 592 kB)Dnepr-Donets (New) (pdf 872 kB)Eastern Siberi (pdf 5,322 kB)Fergana (pdf 13,956 kB)Mangyshlak & Ustyurt (pdf 511 kB)North Caucasus (pdf 1,913 kB)Precaspian (pdf 4,262 kB)Pripyat Trough (New) (pdf 1,041 kB)Russian Arctic Shelf (pdf 182 kB)Sakhalin (pdf 1,671 kB)Samara (pdf 259 kB)South Caspian (pdf 9,504 kB)Surkhan Vakhsh (pdf 7,858 kB)Tatarstan (pdf 219 kB)Timan-Pechora (pdf 5,977 kB)Udmurtia (pdf 221 kB)Ukrainian Carpathians (pdf 1,708 kB)West Siberia (pdf 3,729 kB)