Blackbourn Geological Services


We offer a series of studies describing the petroleum geology of the major hydrocarbon-producing regions of Russia and the Central Asian Republics.

  • Eastern Siberia New!
  • Precaspian Basin
  • Chukchi Sea
  • Central Asian Basins
  • Timan-Pechora Coming soon!
  • Amu Dar'ya Basin & Adjacent Areas
  • Laptev Sea
  • Yenisei-Khatanga Trough
  • Western Siberia
  • Russian Far East
  • Karatau Outcrop Study, Western Kazakhstan
  • Mangyshlak and Adjacent Regions, Western Kazakhstan
  • "Older" Basins of Azerbaijan Updated!
  • South Caspian Province
  • North Caucasus Area
  • Caucasus Palaeogeographic Atlas
  • Caspian Palaeogeographic Atlas

Emphasis is placed on the presentation of the best and most recent of the available data and interpretations. Our reports also include other relevant information on the area, such as local infrastructure and organisations.

Each report is based primarily on the extensive information already available (though often difficult to obtain) in the Russian-language literature, together with additional unpublished information acquired by Blackbourn Geoconsulting.

As our reports are based on comprehensive analysis of Russian data, they are not subject to the restrictions on data sales imposed by the Russian prime-ministerial decree, or by the oil and gas associations in the area.

Commissioned Studies

Blackbourn Geoconsulting is able to use it's extensive database on the petroleum geoscience of all parts of the Former Soviet Union to provide companies with data or regional reviews of their areas of interest. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Areas covered by our reports

Areas covered by our reports